Gardening Maintenance (AMC)

Best Gardening Maintenance (AMC)

Maintenance is a tedious, difficult job and if not done right can kill your plants. We take care of the maintenance process by providing gardening services that take care of regular watering, nurturing the soil with manure and making sure of the right quality. We provide ‘Annual maintenance contract (AMC)’ services. The AMC consists of regular maintenance of plants, lawns and landscapes.

Deliverables of AMC

Regular Maintenance: If any plant dies due to our negligence, we guarantee to replace it. (Conditions Apply).

Guaranteed Replacement: Our team of experienced professionals will regularly visit the location for the care of plants to ensure optimum nurturing. Even the slightest task of watering is taken care of by our team. They are approachable and adjustable workers and will respond to your needs immediately.

Organic Manure: Most of the artificial manure and fertilizers contain chemicals that might be harmful to the plants. We make sure to use 100% organic manure to make your garden an organic home.

Convenient Timelines: We strictly adhere to timelines and remain punctual for all the maintenance routines. Our professionals are available between 10am to 5pm with the time slot being according to the customer’s convenience.

Other Gardening Assistance: Need to add more plants in your garden? Our team will assist you in availing seeds to pots, soil to manure and everything needed for the plantation.

Easy Renewals: AMC has the most hassle-free renewal procedures. So, maintaining your greenery becomes easy and less time consuming for you. We have been successfully serving customers who are completely satisfied with the AMC. Our existing customers can vouch for our quality. And we look forward to serving more and more customers every day.

In case you are not interested in our annual package, you have an option for ‘Call a Plant Doctor’

You just have to contact us to avail the services of our PLANT DOCTOR. The person is highly qualified in Agriculture and he can visit your premises and help identify the problems faced by your plants. He will explain in details regarding how to take care of your plants and will also inspect and give proper advice on preventive and curative actions to be taken in future with respect to plant care and growth.

Whether your plant babies are on your balconies, patios, offices or you've got much larger commercial installations we've got you covered. We are horticulture experts and capable of working across both residential and corporate spectrums. We offer Consistency & Reliability. Let our experts provide the tender loving care your Plant Deserves; while you sit back and enjoy the warmth that a plant has to offer.

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