Houseplants are an ideal vermicompost recipient because you can amend these guys year-round. Remove a small amount of potting soil from the plant’s pot and replace it with some vermicompost. Sprinkle ¼ to ½ inch into the pot to replace the soil you took out. Offer this little treat every 15 days and you’ll have healthy looking plants all around the year. This Fertilizer is ideal for organic farming, flowering plants, palms and other ornamental plants.

Dig it lightly into the topsoil or apply a light top dressing around plant. Make sure that soil of pot is dry.

Generally, 3 tablespoons of vermicompost per plant is plenty. Then, water each plant deeply taking care to soak the compost that you just spread, which will help work the nutrients down into the soil. Watch out for ‘No overflow’ while watering or else compost will drain out.

Lastly, we should be very cautious on frequency of using the fertilizers..15 days interval is a must.

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