Musturd Flakes


Musturd Flakes

100% Pure Organic Mustard Oil Cake Powder is acquired after extracting the Mustard oil from the Mustard seeds. Mustard Cake Powder offer all the essential elements for plant growth such as nitrogen, phosphorous as well as potassium. The Organic Mustard Cake Powder recovers all the essential macro & micro-nutrients in the soil to guarantee your plant root are nutrient rich as well as healthy and balanced.

The enhanced qualities of mustard cake in the soil protects against the plant from fungi infections due to root deteriorating. In addition, it suppresses the insects like nematodes as well as aphides.


1. As an Organic Topdressing - Make a powder of the mustard cake by grinding it in a mixer if it is not already powedered. Topdress the vegetable or blooming plants with the layer of this powdered khali by sprinkling it. Alternatively, you can mix 20-gram of powdered mustard cake in the soil as a slow-release, organic fertilizer.

2. As a Fluid Fertilizer Ferment the Mustard Cake Powder in an earthen pot or any type of plastic bucket by soaking 100-grams of Mustard Cake Powder in 1-liter of water. Mix it well. Now, cover the bucket with a lid and let it sit for 2 days. After 4 days, sieve it and dilute the liquid further by blending 500 ml water into the fermented solution. Use this liquid fertilizer on flowering and in your vegetable garden.

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